The privacy of our valuable clients is always important to us. We recognize that privacy is substantial. Game Axe has developed a privacy policy to let our clients understand how and what kind of information is collected by us in order to enhance the user experience. Take a moment to understand our privacy policy.

Information we need to collect

To enhance the user experience, we may collect non-identifiable information such as applications installed, device information, and application usage information. Whenever a user interacts with our apps, information like device model, brand, and type is collected by us. The identifiable information provided by you when you email us or give suggestions via our feedback platforms. The information you gave us includes your name and email address. We do not transfer, sell, or share this identifiable or non-identifiable information with anyone. Users always have the option to refuse to provide personal information to us.

How we use the Information

Our policy is to collect information to enhance the experience and serve you better. Non-personal information is collected by us to maintain the high standard of our services and to take the necessary steps to create a better user-interface. The information we collect is also meant to increase the user experience. Another purpose of collecting non-personal information is to grow in the market. Non-personal information helps us to promote our apps in a better way. For example, with the help of non-personal information, we may able to recommend more relevant apps and deliver you the best features and functionality of our games and apps. The information collected also helps us to communicate with you through the email address and push notifications. It is also to inform you that we may send you our service messages or emails, for example, we may contact you for order confirmation, account verification, change of privacy policy, updates of various apps, and technical or security-related notices.

Information shared to us via third party sources

Third part includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google play services, etc. If you connect us through social media channels, then the information we received depends on your security or privacy settings, but be sure all the information gathered includes typically the information you shared with the public. It will be totally public based profile information. We may also get your information through our advertising partners, for example, if you’ve clicked an advertisement that connects you to us, we will be provided with the information that from which source or advertising campaign the installs are coming from or originated.

Log Data

If you are using one of our navigation apps, then we may collect information about your location, device model, android version, date, and time of use. The information may also include IP address, operating system version, and configuration when you are using one of our services, the time, date, and other relevant statistics.

Ad networks

Our services may include advertising services. The advertisers may receive information about your activity, MAC address, IMEI, location, and IP address.


We know how much it is essential to make our services reliable. We ultimately value your privacy. We never collect your personal information and share it with the third party. The non-personal information we collect completely remains secure with us. We use every technique and method to secure the information gathered. Game Axe implements every measures to secure the personal or non-personal information from unauthorized access, accidental destruction, misuse, alteration, loss as well as any other form of illegal processing. But it is also notable that no method is fully secured over the internet.

Children’s Privacy

Our games and apps are completely secured there are no such things that can affect the children in any way. We don’t collect information from children through any source, especially from under thirteen.

Changes to the privacy policy

Our privacy policy may change anytime depend on the market requirement. It is suggested that you must review our privacy policy whenever it changes. If you don’t accept the change in our privacy policy, you can immediately stop using our services.

Contact us

Suggestions and queries are always welcomed. Do write to us if you have any queries or suggestions. You can always report to us if any violation comes in your notice.

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